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Who needs the DS Form 64?

The DS form 64 is the US Department of State form that will be needed by citizens who have lost or have had their passport stolen. This form may not be filed in order to apply for a passport renewal because of the expiration of the old one.

Individuals are supposed to report their lost or stolen passport in order to protect themselves from identity theft. The outcome in case a person makes use of another person’s passport in a fraudulent way can be life changing. Therefore, such a situation should be dealt with posthaste.

What is the DS-64 Form for?

Submitting the form DS-64 is one of the most convenient ways to inform the Department of State about a stolen or lost passport. (The report can be also made by phone.) Once the application has been filed, the lost or stolen passport becomes invalid so that no one will be able to use for the international travel.

Should the DS-64 be accompanied by any documents?

The DS-64 is only the statement form to be filled out and submitted regarding a stolen or lost passport. It does not automatically imply that the filer will be issued a new passport. If there is a need for one, it is mandatory to complete and submit the DS-11 form.

How long will the processing of the form take?

The regular processing period should take four to six weeks.

How to fill out the DS-64 Form?

The following information must be indicated on the Statement Regarding a Stolen or Lost Passport:

The passport holder’s personal information (full name, name change, sex, DOB, place of birth, SSn, address);

Details about the lost or stolen passport (number, issue date, explanation of how the documents were lost or stolen and all the relevant details, whether similar situations previously occurred).

Where do I send the completed DS-64?

The filled out and double-checked DS-64 form must be delivered to the Department of State.

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